Is Site C Really ‘Past the Point of No Return?’

Cancelling unneeded, expensive, high-risk dam still smart choice, former CEO, economist say.

It’s a lot of work getting a riverbank ready to hold a 15-storey earthfill dam. That’s what Site C crews have been focused on for the last 21 months. It’s mostly prep-work, so there are only a few permanent installations. Everything else will be removed after construction.

I’ve seen the dam site a few times over the last year. Each time they’ve logged farther, dug deeper and built more structures. But it’s clear this project is still in the early stages, despite all the activity.

So this time I’m here to try and answer one of your big questions about Site C, as The Tyee and Discourse Media promised to do.

Has Premier Christy Clark achieved her goal of ensuring Site C will be “past the point of no return” by the May 9 election? Or do voters — and the next government — still have a choice?

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Earth moved, bridges and camp built — but not too late to halt Site C, say experts.


Part two in a six part series for The Tyee and Discourse Media.