Greater Victoria builders say they can’t find workers to build new homes, because they can’t find homes for the workers

The ‘vicious circle’ has deepened a persistent worker shortage during a period of record demand. Part seven of our labour series, Pay Check There’s a labour shortage in the construction industry, but it’s not for lack of people wanting to work. The number of new workers may even have increased over the past few years, […]

Fairy Creek update: RCMP play waiting game with determined protesters

South Island old growth logging protesters not blinking at criminal charges The blockades on logging roads in the Fairy Creek Watershed are about to mark one year (Aug. 9) of working to prevent licence-holder Teal Cedar from logging old-growth trees. Arrests have topped 500, and the standoff north of Port Renfrew on southern Vancouver Island […]

Pacheedaht Elder politely refuses First Nation’s request to leave Fairy Creek

Bill Jones says protesters will minimize activity, but stay until until logging ceases A Pacheedaht First Nation elder has responded to a call made Monday by the elected Pacheedaht chief requesting all protesters to leave the Fairy Creek area, citing a risk of wildfires. Bill Jones politely said the protesters would only reduce their presence […]

Elder group heading to Victoria court to protest RCMP exclusion zones at Fairy Creek

A group of determined seniors who call themselves Elders for Ancient Trees are bringing court action to stop the RCMP from blocking access in the Fairy Creek Watershed. They argue the RCMP’s exclusion zones, which police have been using to tightly control access to the area, are a violation of Justice Frits Verhoeven’s injunction order. […]