Greater Victoria builders say they can’t find workers to build new homes, because they can’t find homes for the workers

The ‘vicious circle’ has deepened a persistent worker shortage during a period of record demand. Part seven of our labour series, Pay Check There’s a labour shortage in the construction industry, but it’s not for lack of people wanting to work. The number of new workers may even have increased over the past few years, […]

k’awat’si Marine Transport celebrates a growing fleet with a blessing from community

Boat launches k’awat’si Marine Transport into freight transport ZOE DUCKLOW, LOCAL JOURNALISM INITIATIVE REPORTER Nov. 10, 2020 4:15 p.m. Frigid winds blew into Hardy Bay on Nov. 5, but that didn’t stop Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw elected chief Paddy Walkus from standing on deck of the newly acquired Mars Rustler boat in a t-shirt and sandals, in classic […]

Brewing a burgeoning business in Peace Region

GP Brewing president Matt Toni and head brewer Jim Lague in their newly opened tasting room.Grain Bin Beer and GP Brewing Company both opened early this year into a market previously untested for its appetite for local craft beer. Both teams did what research they could to make sure there was enough interest to sustain a business, but ultimately opened their doors on faith. Both have already surpassed early sales expectations.“We’re where we thought we’d be one to one and a half years in,” said

The business of knitting

Hipsters do it. Students do it. Boys do it. Activists do it. Lovers of sustainability do it. The nooks and the crannies of Vancouver are united in their love of knitting. Experts praise the mental health benefits from knitting. The Vancouver School Board has promoted its’ success in helping a kindergarten student work through his […]

Building permits in B.C. surge ahead of other provinces

B.C.’s building permits are surging ahead while other provinces showed significant decreases, according to Statistics Canada. Data from last November shows nation-wide permits down $6.2 billion (19.6 per cent) from October. Surrey is the fastest growing city in Canada, and so takes its fair share of the building business. Volume doesn’t come without problems, however, […]